Do Not Disturb: I'm Writing A Book! || 02

Monday, 17 August 2020

I've finished my first chapter!!! It feels like it's taken forever, which to be fair, it probably has. I came up with the story idea on 28th April 2020! It's now August!!!! The whole working from home and trying to distance myself away from my laptop, once my shift is over; is just making it difficult sometimes.

However, these are literally just excuses! Why? Because I write the chapter in my notebook, which means I have literally no excuses! So with me becoming more organised and planning my days better, I'm going to try and finish Chapter 2 by the end of August. GULP! However, I've bought and downloaded a new planning app, which if it's any good; I'll be letting you know all about it!

It's one of those situations, where I know exactly what I want to write and the progress of the character development, etc. It's just writing it down. I overthink a lot! So I worry there's too many writing dialogues, too many descriptions, etc. But I need to learn to kind of accept that the story is fine and what I'm writing is good enough.

A kind of short blog post today, just because I wanted to let you all know how it's going. However, will be back shortly. Bye :)

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