Wednesday, 2 January 2019

My Writing Series #1

Okay so let me set the scene – because that’s what we writers do – wow that sounded really patronising or condescending… it wasn’t intended to. I’m currently sitting cross-legged on my bed; laptop on lap. My Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again vinyl is playing, that my mum amazingly got me for Christmas. I’ve showered after the gym, and cleaned my room, before deciding to start this. Because I always say, a tidy room is a tidy mind. Not 100% sure if it’s an actual phrase, but it’s something I say anyway.

The date I’m writing this is 29th December 2018 – which, let’s be real; everyone’s really confused what the day is and what we have to live for. (That got darker than I originally expected it to. I apologise.) I’m currently avoiding the Brooklyn Nine-Nine box set downstairs, which I purchased yesterday. After finishing binging the entire show also yesterday. (No I didn’t watch all 5 seasons in a day. Just finished season 5. Come on season 6, am I right?)

This little series I’m putting together on a whim, is because I’m going to be using this as motivation to keep me writing. I’ve given myself a deadline to finish my book by my birthday: February 25th. I’ve got four chapters to write, lack of motivation, and I’m slightly freaking out. So yeah. Hence the writing series on my blog. I also haven’t opened my laptop in around… 2 weeks. Oops? Christmas came too fast and I was not prepared for it.
I think one of the things for me that I’m putting off actually typing 268 words for my book, is because I’m scared. You finish your book, and then after that, you want someone to read it. Someone professional, and then there comes the rejection. It’s a scary world out there, with a lot of opinions. And I know for a fact, the doubt will the join in also. And I’m not prepared for that.

Ways that I’m going to try and avoid procrastinating, is by using this AMAZING book that my friend got me for Christmas: 642 Things To Write About. It gives you scenarios when you have writer’s block, and it’s supposed to be a tool that helps get rid of it. I wouldn’t say I have writer’s block at the moment, just procrastination. So with the New Year just around the corner (lol it’s happened by the time this is up); I want to get myself organised and together.

I’ve got this. I can do this.

I’ll be checking in every few weeks until it’s done. And then in March/April, my blog will then be back to “normal”. Regular content and hey, maybe even on my YouTube channel too.

Thanks for reading. Brogan xx

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