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Saturday, 2 May 2020


Hello everyone! Hope isolation's treating you well! (As well as it can be!) I wanted to do a lil bit of promo for a brand new project I'm working on: A Podvcast. Not just any podcast - A HARRY POTTER PODCAST.

Myself and Joanne (who I'm sure I've shown before!) have finally plucked up the courage, and decided to create a Podcast all about Harry Potter. This is because it's our joined love and we're going back in October, and it's helping us get excited!! So I thought I'd do some shameless promo for it, because we really want to keep making episodes for it!

The name of the Podcast is called Witch Watch, and that picture above, is our lil logo. I made it, so I love it lol. We post brand new episodes every Friday morning on Soundcloud. There's only one episode that's live right now, however we've already recorded Episode 2 and we're having a lot of fun with it! 

We also have an Instagram page as well, where we promo stuff and you can get to know us more personally. We also do a preview for the episode, before we upload. So, if you love all things Harry Potter, please give it a listen, and also send us any suggestions to what you want to see!

Friday, 3 April 2020

Fitness Friday: Workouts At Home

Happy Friday everyone! If you're one of those lucky people that don't work weekends; enjoy your two day break! I hope for those working from home, that it wasn't too draining - I can assure you, I'm going slightly mad.

Now if you're like me and you're too scared to go outside for your 1 hour of exercise a day, then here are some exercises I've been doing this week. The only thing you will need is a mat. And potentially your phone for timer reasons.






Today I decided to do Monday's workout again, however I just added an extra 10 of the reps. This is my dad's workout he created, but he did it with 100 reps - because yes, he's mad! However, I'm trying to get onto that level as well. So I'm upping the reps with each time I do the workout.

As it is Fitness Friday, I thought I would properly introduce my Instagram based on my "fitness journey", I'll be posting pictures of food ideas, exercises, etc; as well as my weight loss journey.

I'll be linking my #whatiatewednesday posts with both my Instagram and blog. I'll be uploading as often as possible.

Let me know if you have any ideas that you want to see, in regards to fitness! See ya x

Monday, 30 March 2020

Returning from Australia & now self isolating.

Well it's been a while since I uploaded onto here. Which I do apologise for. However, I'm back from Australia and getting back into routine. Also the timezone. But I'm back with a new love of my personal blog, and I'm ready to post more often on here. As we're all currently self-isolating, I decided to do some research on my blog, to see what you guys are interested in. 😄

So on a relatable topic - self isolation. How's it going? I'm currently working from home and I think I'm going slightly mad. I hate looking at my laptop now I'm using it for work, which is a shame; because it's a brand new bloody laptop!! But I still have my old laptop for Sims purposes. It's been recently said on the news in the UK, that the isolation could last until June. I think I might go fucking mad.

Australia. I'm currently working on the vlog, so expect that in the (hopefully) near future. What. An. Experience. I feel homesick from no longer being there. I miss my family that are there, as well as the routine. I won't do a full post covered in pictures, however I will do a link here to my Instagram posts. There's a highlight on there too, and I'll be doing other posts eventually.

I'm going to leave it here now, because my next posts is going to be all about fitness. It's 2020 and I'm fucking ready to get my goal!

Friday, 31 January 2020

FITNESS FRIDAY: 31.01.2020.

So it's been a while since I've done one of these style of posts, however I am so excited to be bringing them back, as I actually find them quite motivating. I also find myself coming back to all of these exercises. Every week I'll be doing a post on different exercises, as well as an update on how the whole running is doing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probs already know that I've changed how I do my exercises. (That was a really strange way of putting it...) Basically, I'm avoiding any type of weight-related classes, and I'm replacing them with running. Lol, rip me. So I will update you next week with how that's going.

Here's some of my exercises that I've been doing! Feel free to save and use! :)

I also wanted to say that whilst I'm away, instead of doing shitty blog posts written in 2 minutes, I'm going to create a video during the week on my phone, and upload it onto YouTube. That way I'm still uploading on here.

That's all folks - see ya! :)

Saturday, 11 January 2020


How the eff are we in 2020?! Where has the time gone? I'm having a small breakdown at the absolute shock at how we've made it to not just only a new year, but a new decade. W.T.F?!

As we're onto a New Year, I wanted to discuss my favourite books of 2019... & I'm not gonna lie, it's 7 books. 1 series. And I've been obsessed with it all year, as well as this.

The Harry Potter series. My love for Harry Potter (as you'll know if you followed my blog at any point in 2019), has become a brand new love of mine. DON'T WORRY I was a fan before this year, but I really got into the film and F I N A L Y read the books in 2019. And oh my goodness the difference it makes. THE BOOKS ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE FILMS! They leave so much IMPORTANT stuff out in the films!! (If you also agree, pls lemme know in the comments section!)

Because my love for Harry Potter got so big in 2019, 

I also visited the Harry Potter studio tour with Joanne and it was MAGICAL! I was so blown away by the magic, that myself and Joanne are already planning a trip to see the Halloween magic and also the winter magic. ESPECIALLY the winter magic. Here are some images, as well as videos from that:

Not going to lie, I’ve started re-reading the series again already. Which means I’ll be bringing some of the books along with me to Australia, however. I do want to start reading other books and I accidentally came across a reading list that’s called "A Hogwarts House Reading List: 20 Books for Gryffindors." Which makes me want to try a few of those out as well!

The beginning of this year is going to be a small mini series on my YouTube, all about getting prepared for Australia. I’m anxious/nervous about it; and I think it might help me feel a little bit more at ease. So I’ll be posting those from Sunday, and there’s a more funnier/personal one coming midweek next week. 

Already excited to get my blog back up and running. Speak soon!

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

U P D A T E !

Hello everyone, it's been a while. I haven't been using my blog to express my emotions lately, but instead, I've been using my diary. And it's been very therapeutic. So instead, I thought I'd update you with both my online and offline life.

It sounds like a scary word at the moment, considering I'm going there in February. And I know what you're thinking, "why is this scary?" Welllllll we still haven't gotten all the in-flights and accommodation sorted. And we fly in 3 months. Now I'm a person that loves to be organised, and because my family don't share that love, it's making me extremely anxious. So I've decided to take a step back, and leave it to them to handle, as there's no point stressing, when no one else is yet. 

Also, I'm planning on vlogging my entire month's trip. So look out for that on my channel next year. 

If you're a reader of my blog, you'll know that I do love a good blog post, talking all about the gym and different exercises to share. Not going to lie, I've been a little stuck between getting motivated, as well as just not really giving a shit. But it's now 3 months till Australia, and I'm deciding to get serious. Because eating shitty food isn't good for anyone, however it is okay every once in a while for a treat. And I also need to remember:

  1. Junk food makes you feel like shit.
  2. It's messing up your overall goal.
  3. Upsets your stomach.
Unfortunately, my love for a cheeky Dominos, is no longer a thing I can enjoy anymore. Something about that pizza, causes my stomach to hurt a lot. And I've got to start listening to my body more, rather than my cravings. I am frequently updating random shizz here.

Healthy Eating
Following on from my last point, overall my healthy eating hasn't been too bad. The occasional bad weekend, thanks to Mother Nature, but apart from that. I've gotten itno a habit of buying my own food when I'm at my mum's, so I can control what it is I'm eating. 

I attempted a dairy free lifestyle last week - honestly wouldn't recommend. Everything stunk, and tasted like air! It might help you lose weight and give me a clearer face, but personally it wasn't worth it to me.

Lol, don't panic. Still as single as ever. Still pining over boys that most likely won't ever like me back, but hey ho. Would I be me without that feature? Nah. But on a funnier note, I did a video on my latest crush and my lol fails. Click here to watch that.

And I think that's it for updating...

Will be writing more posts shortly, so keep an eye out. <3

Thursday, 22 August 2019


Sometimes I feel lost. And I create a world or a scene to get out my thoughts. It makes me realise how I’m really feeling underneath. And right now, I feel lost. Like I’m at a crossroad, and I can’t choose to go left, right or straight ahead. There’s too many choices, I feel unprepared and I’m scared of what’s going to happen in either direction.